My name is Gloria Tara. I am a gifted international clairvoyant medium, psychic, reader and healer.

I have been using my gifts to help people with their lives, emotions and physical conditions for over 40 years.

I am available for private readings in person or online as well as group tarot sessions. I also offer reiki, reflexology, healing and massage services too.

My interest in this field started when I was an 8 year old child, following certain events in my life which have since only strengthened my beliefs and dedication to my chosen path.

I have travelled around the world and extensively throught Britain. helping people with my gifts, as well as working as a telephone psychic for over 20 years, with a number of different tarot lines.

I also used to work in Greenwich market in the once popular ‘Doors of Perception’, where I met many visitors to the country who would pop in on a Sunday for general readings, reflexology and healing.

If you would like to arrange a reading, please call me on 07940 073850.

Please note, that for my own safety and peace of mind, I am unable to see men for private readings, except for established clients. However, I am happy to give online or telephone readings.